I started this site to inform people on Cablevision compensation.  This is a work in progress so be patient. 

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Cablevision Compensation The Gulfstream V N501CV. A Corporate Jet For Cablevision Employees

Cablevision Jet N501CV Gulfstream V 

 Don't Forget the 

Cablevision Gulfstream IV-SP N100DF

Cablevision Jet N100DF Gulfstream IV-SP

Story to follow

N501CV Photo www.amiaga.com

N100DF Click for photo credit

Cablevision Sucks But Not Their Direct Sales Compensation Plan

Work in progress

 The Cablevision "Compensation Plan" so many issues I believe are created with this one item. When your paying sales people up to  over $800 per customer connected it's easy to figure out now why the average cable bill is so high.

Below are two Cablevision Direct sales representatives compensation plans. They are not new but how much can the money have changed. 

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 Plan in seperate window

original story Plan in seperate window